Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Try some research
July 16, 2011 | 01:50 AM

"As it stands right now I have very little chance of ever getting a teaching job in this state because of the massive cuts to the school district budgets and all the layoffs. "

Sorry, but that's a flat out lie. Google Wisconsin Schools benefiting from the new budget and you'll see many examples of school districts having MORE money now thanks to the budget. If the schools chose not to take advantage of the new rules and simply extended contracts, blame them, not Governor Walker.

As for your assertion that ALL public employees needed to be part of the budget deal, I completely disagree. Police and Fire put their LIVES ON THE LINE everyday and are essential to the public safety. I have no problem with excluding them. The power grip the unions had on this state needed to be broken and it was. The "polls" might not indicate it now, but as soon as people come to realize that services will remain the same and their taxes didn't go up, those numbers will change.

Enough Already
Lake Geneva