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Proof of Ins.or pay the $10?
July 17, 2011 | 05:27 AM

LOL- I got a kick out of this one..
-If you were a Visitor ( tourist) or even come from one of the Local Towns, would you take Time off Work and travel to cort to fight this, just to save $10 Bucks?
-Is their More Teeth? Do you have them Verify They have Insurance, if they don't have the Card? Or do you just give them the ticket and let them go? Knowing that it IS POSSIBLE they may not have Insurance? How's it feel letting someone go like that and then they have an Accident somewhere else and Hurt someone? And How about Having Boat insurance, Valid Boat Trailer Lic. Plates, etc.? Do you parotl the Lynn & LG Boat Parking Lots and ck them out? I've seen many there w/o plates to all kinds of violations..
-How about verifcation of the Driver's License? And if Not have one? Or it's Expired? Do you Arrest them? Or just give them a Ticket and let them go?
-I bet if you sit out by the Big Foot State Park and ck cars leaving on the Wknds, you'd get a few of those kinds of Violations..Never Saw any officer/squad doing that.. and I bet you could have gotten dozens for No Seat Belts, Car Seats for Kids, to No Insurance to No DL's and awhole lot more if you did, this past 4th july wknd. there where Hundreds of people packed in the park.!

Or how about For Open Liquor or Beer in Vehicles? Isn't even having it in a Cooler in the car, Illegal?
Oh, excuse me! That would be called Racial Profiling or someother Excuse for Not enforcing safety for our Roads..
and 5/10 that leave The Boat Ramps? They don't have their Seat Belts on.. It be a Good $ maker to go get em'..

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