Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Response Time
July 19, 2011 | 10:10 AM

I heard that it took Linn Township 30 minutes to arrive on the scene while the boy’s mother performed CPR. Similar to the fire last summer, I find it unbelievable that Lake Geneva Fire and Rescue cannot assist in these matters of life and death. Linn Township is volunteer, on the opposite side of the lake, so I can believe it took them that long to arrive. However, Lake Geneva could have been there much sooner and assisted the boy and perhaps made a difference in saving his life. Someone please correct me if I have the facts wrong, but Lake Geneva and Linn Township, along with Lyons Township, need to put the politics, egos and greed over tax money aside and find a solution. How many more houses have to burn to the ground or lives lost before a mutual agreement can be made to assist in these situations?

Linn Township