Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Good Point!
July 24, 2011 | 09:40 PM

Would it be too much to at least rent a road roller to "patch" the streets? Oh wait, we spent all our money on fireworks and incorporation applications.

I the geniuses that run the town weren't so busy being screwed by lawyers, engineers and Mann Bros. after the sewers went in and the streets were paved, someone might have noticed that we ended up with 1" thick asphalt and we wouldn't have needed to patch them in the first place...

I agree - we pay enough for nothing... we can't get decent road signs, can't cut the overgrown trees and bushes making most corners blind... but we can pay 6 figures to clean up someone's mess????

Wake up people of Pell Lake... We need new leadership...

Pelltucky Resident