Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

1000 Ft CCW in Bars
July 29, 2011 | 11:52 AM

I live within 1000ft from a school. So if that wasnt changed i technically would be illegal just getting in my car and driving away.
The earlier post of drinking while carrying is false. You are not aloud to even have one drink while carrying. It doesn't however say anything about being drunk. I do hope that people who do carry will exercise common sense. Fire arms and Alcohol don't mix. I plan on carrying but i will not when i am at the bar. Even when I am the DD.
And remember people you have to think about what will you do if you are in the situation were you do need to use your gun. Think about and decide how you will handle it so you are better prepared for it and there isnt any panic. You don't want to hurt an inocent person. This law will help us protect ourselves and others if we use it right. Talk to your local law enforcement to see if they will be offering a course for the CCW. Most departments have training programs for there officers. Not just for proficiency but also to learn how to exercise restraint. Good luck out there and be safe.