Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Get with the times
July 29, 2011 | 04:32 PM

I am a former resident of Lake Geneva. I currently live in Salt Lake City. Within a 5 mi radius of my home, I can skate a park equal to the designs presented to your city. You need to realize that no other piece of land the town owns will get as much use as the acreage provided to this park. Skating is not a hobby nor sport, its a lifestyle that has powerful values for kids entering adulthood. The fact Lake Geneva has only had modular ramps on a black-top paved surface is a joke and disgrace to a destination and recreational town like Lake Geneva. The question should not be should the park be built or not. Instead, you should be questioning whether you should also just build lights at the same time so you can use it day and night.

Matt Sterbenz
Salt Lake City, Utah