Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Thank you
August 06, 2011 | 10:54 AM

I saw your story on CNN, and found your column online. I think it's wonderful how you are helping those in need in a tangible way, especially how you personally hear their troubles and help them find solutions. Unlike some agencies, which are good, but thy just give a handout to those who are very very poor. Not all people qualify for assistance, but still need it. So Kudos to you and all you do for God's creations. I agree with Dave, who posted earlier, that your column should be in every newspaper across the country. I am not employed currently, but I will find a way to send a check to you today. I also wanted to mention, that I had grown up in a very, very poor household. And many days and nights we went hungry. And at that time I felt like no one cared. I know other countries need our financial support too, but we need to take care of our own hurting, hungry kids, and families right here in the United States. So supporting both would be the best option. God bless you.

Mobile, Al