Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Traffic surely is a mess
August 10, 2011 | 12:38 PM

Vee Jay is right. The problem is much deeper than different traffic light timing and changing the parking meter system. The parking on Main Street, at least for the two downtown blocks should be eliminated. The angle parking on Broad Street should be eliminated. The sight lines from corners on those two streets are somewhere between non-existent and simply dangerous. Any traffic engineer would quickly agree.

There are other contributing problems. Two that come to mind are directly related to lack of enforcement by LGPD. First, people drive into the Main Street intersections even when they cannot completely pass through the intersection. They come to a stop in the middle of the intersection and, after the light changes, have blocked the flow from the other street. This is illegal. Second, pedestrians, cross the street despite Don't Walk signs. So, drivers that could otherwise lawfully turn left or pass through the interesection have to wait. This is also illegal and causes further back-up. The Lake Geneva police do nothing to enforce these laws. In fact, I have seen parking meter checkers cross against the Don't Walk sign.

Unfortunately, the Lake Geneva city leaders do not have the fortitude and character to make those difficult decisions. The business interests in the city are stronger. If, however, they'd look at the situation more objectively, they would realize that the ridiculous traffic situation, especially during summer weekends, drives people away.

Distressed Resident
Lake Geneva