Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Tree Damage maybe they're Just Getting Too Old
August 11, 2011 | 07:33 PM

I've notice alot of Mixed Types of Trees in our community that are Just Getting Too Old and Frail and Need to be Cut down and Replaced with The Right Kinds of Trees that are Stronger rooting and less dangerous.

I'm sure most of these Current Older trees were planted by the 1st-2nd generation of Summer Homeowners and Residents that were The Cheapest they could afford.. and many Were Planted On Township/State/City Easement property that shouldn't have been...

It would be nice if there were some Guidelines people have to follow before planting trees in the Community and some Restrictions.. And the Types of Trees Approved..It's bad enough Most of these Summer Homes Lawns, if you want to call them that, are Are such a Mess full of Weeds, Creeping charlie and Are Dandelein Farms in the Early summer..and the 'Scrub Bushes" allowed to be grown along their Property lines and in the Culverts to have some Privacy as some say, is another Eyesore..and shows the lack of pride many don't have in their Homes..

Of course, Out of Sight,is out of Mind when your not here Year Round..

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