Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Just have to Live With In our Means
August 11, 2011 | 08:23 PM

Your Right Mr. Weiss and having to Say No is the Biggest Concern I see facing this Community..
Seems that Everyone wants Something more, but doesn't want to pay for it and have someone else pay for it.. They want Big City or Richer Town Services , but don't want to pay what it cost ... have some Business or Everyone else in the County, State or Fed pay for it..

and their is really about 50% less people Actually Living here Year Round.. actually Probably only 25% in Peak Winter time.. I moved up here to Retire in 2003 from the North Suburbs of Illinois and am amazed we have what we have now vs then..

I'm glad we have a Business Man in charge of things for a change.. and if you can Make a Living Running a Business In Hebron? You surely must know what it takes to "Live-With-In- Your Means"!

Retired in
LG of course