Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

It would have been nice if you redistricted according to state l
August 12, 2011 | 12:08 PM

According to Wisconsin State law, the redistricting starts at the municipalities and works it way up. In order for the redistricting to get passed before the recalls, the State legislature paid lawyers (which cost the state about $300,000) and allowed only two offices...that of Senator Fitzgerald and his brother Representative redo the entire state's redistricting. In order to pass this bill through, the State Legislature had to pass a NEW LAW allowing the redistricting to be written from the Legislators, not the municipalities. Then, the Senate and Assembly passed our new redistricting map. I guess the people of the State of Wisconsin were not going to get it right. So much for the voice of the people in Wisconsin government.

Sara Schulz
Pell Lake, WI