Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Give it up already
August 24, 2011 | 02:49 PM

I for one am dismayed at the fact that Ms. Hackman is videotaping public areas that many members of the community frequent while enjoying the lakefront and then sharing it with public officials. Isn't there a law against this? I would think she has the right to install a security camera aimed at her entrance with the proper paperwork, but can she actually have the right to videotape ordinary citizens in the pursuit of her vendetta?

If there are drug dealers and people speeding down the alley, call police and let them handle it. Get the license number or ask for police surveillance. They will go through proper channels to do it properly.

This whole thing is juvenile, but it seems to me that Ms. Hackman just can't let it go. And one would think that her libelous and slanderous comments concerning Mr. Marsala are actionable in a court of law.

And Mr. Marsala, just ignore her and do nothing. Do not retaliate at all, no matter what. Call police if she disturbs the peace or threatens you. If she pursues this, she will be liable.

Irritated Citizen
Lake Geneva