Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Grow up
August 24, 2011 | 05:02 PM

My father was in LG retail sales for over 25 years. I managed a LG business for 7 years... Anyone can take anyone's photo - as long as they are not making money on it, selling it or using it for illegal purposes. If you have a problem with having your photo taken in public don't go out into public - there are thousands of security and monitering cameras in this with it. The bigger issue is two Senior Citizens acting like 12 year olds - "He's a ..." " She is a ..." - Grow up and be better role models for our youth who upon observing grandparents behaving worse than their friends will likely treat their teachers, police and employers the same way - not to mention their parents.... Frank & Ruth just need to be BIG people and ignore each other!

Brent Wambold
Lake Geneva