Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Sounds Like a nice Idea, but it can't work without Alot of $
September 02, 2011 | 06:17 AM

"A growing number of conservatives are challenging governments to develop more effective and lower cost solutions to crime."

Well, It seems to me, that If after soe past 50+ yrs of Trying just about Every Concieveable thing on the planet to accomplish this Goal? They would have come up with A Solution by Now, Don't you Think?

If It cost More $ to accomplish such a Goal? And It has to come from Taxes? Like Real Estate And Sales Taxes? Where would you want your Tax Dollars spent on more? More Services for you and your Family or to help the Poor and Those Less Fortunate than you? and get very little directly back in return? Or It attracts MORE of the UnderPrivledged to your Community?

I came from a Community that Was just Too Costly for The Poor to Live In ( N. Burbs of Chicago) and we had very Little Crime.. And in comparing The GLk area towns to The City of Milwaukee? Seems that Same Method Works here..

Until Some other way is Devised? Just Keep it Too Expensive for the Poor to Live here and you will keep the Crime Down Dramatically.. Supporting Our Education System by having Good Schools, Decent Jobs that Attracts The Higher Educated , promoting a Community to attract same kinds of people is the only solution it seems.. It doesn't eliminate Crime entirely, but sure has Dramatically in comparision to Lower Income Communities ahsn't it?
And as Walter Cronkite used to say? And That's the Way it is...and I'm afraid has to be for now and for the foreseable what appears to be the only Viable Solution for Now.. Those who have enough $ to buy the things they need and to get Higher Education a Less Inclined to Commit Crime.. It's not the Perfect Solution, but it sure has proved itself to beat what comes in 2nd, now doesn't it?

So Don't complain too much when your Taxes Go up to support your Town, Schools and Everything else....and the Price of Housing & Everything else does too..It does have a Silver Lining..
More Socialisum Is NOT the answer either..

Retired Veteran
Geneva Lakes area