Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

September 10, 2011 | 05:11 AM

"It will take About 5 yrs to pay for itself"? And what do we do for Income $ in the meantime?
-Oh Wait? We're Going to Borrow it! Great..let's go further In Debt on buying something We can't afford to pay for..
-It's the Story, if you can't afford it? Finance it, right? How about setting asside $200k yr, invest it into some Decent bonds (they're paying the ave of 6-7% yr) and in 4 yrs we will have the $ or enough.
-Piece meal it> Why not just take s ection at a time and try it out?

And all this For just about 4-5 mos a Yr?
I think the parking system itself of the Way Vehicles are Parked has to be Totaly Changed..It's just Way too Danagerous..Unless I can Pull in along side a Vehicle I can See thru or is Smaller, so I can See Backing out? I pass. and why are P.Up Trucks being allowed to be parked in these spaces? Or Big SUV's? and not Ticketd? Ever try to back out around them? It's Russian Roulette and you take your chances and hope no-one is comming or they will stop to let you out..

-And they will pay More $ by over paying? What the New Fancy Computerized system can't just Take your Credit card and auto Charge the Exact amt. down to the Min. when you leave?
Sorry, I have to vote No to this Idea of Providing another way to Rip our Residents and Tourist off too..
and Creating another Couple of New Jobs to put somemore People On the Payroll to Run the Operation?
Will these be Union Jobs? What kinds of Salaries and Benefits? When can we apply?
and talk about More Waste? Those Launch Boating People you have Down at your Boat Launch. Just sit there for their Whole Shift ..What IS their job Duties? Are they just there to Count the # of Boats comming and going? I hope your not paying them more than Min. Wage.. Talk about a BORING Job? Like watching the Grass grow or Paint Dry.. Why not Train them to Inspect Boats before they go into Our Lake? Give them a Camera to take Pics for Boaters to pay $5 for it. & Provide Valet Service too! A Nice Little Elec. Golf Cart to Shuttle Them From the Parking Lot would be nice. and be safer too vs Having those Boaters Walking accross the street all the time.. And Better Slow That Stretch of Street Down to 10 mph during the season all the way up accross the Bridge and thru town while your at it..
Btwn The Boat Launch and The New Boat Rental going on, it gets Pretty crowded down there in that Little Area..Both On Land an In the Lake.. then adding the Kyack People...comming and going..Somebody is going to get hurt. it's just a matter of time..and then who's fault will it be and who will get sued?
Sorry, I just don't like all The Commericialisum going on, on the Lake Front..It's ruining the View, not to mention are they making enough For themselves and the City to Justify it? And Should be a BAIT , Pop & Ice machine down there while your at it! and More Benches! That can be sponsored by Those Willing to Pay $1,000 in Memory of Fallen Family Veteran..
and all this $ not Spent, but Invested! We have enough Investment Firms Here to Advise and Manage that $ that I bet it could make Alot of Money in the Decades ahead..! $10k , 40 yrs ago ave now worth about $550,000..earning 3- 4% yr in Ylds provides $15-20k yr Forever! Now imagine $100k invested!
God Forbid the City could stop having to keep Raising Taxes to Finding new ways to get $ from people and it mostly pays for itself instead..

Retired in
LG of course