Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

SB More News about Celebs Visiting LG
September 13, 2011 | 04:44 PM

I think There should be more News about Celebs and VIP's Visiting The Geneva Lakes Area..
It's good for Business and Attracting people and they like going to places to Possibley See thes Celebs or at the least, to go to places they go to for the Class and Notoritiy.
It can do nothing but Help The area ..

BTW? We ARE a Tourist Attraction and a Resort Community and we need all the Publicity we can get.. Unless of course, you want to pay Higher Taxes?

Looking forward to the Wine Tasting Fest again this yr, we had alot of Celebs and VIP's we saw there..
A Casino would really boost business and cut our taxes around here too!

Retired in
LG of course