Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Desperately Need Cars?
September 14, 2011 | 09:20 PM

I find it troubling that Asking for Cars to be donated.. Since If the ones needing them can't afford a Car, How can they afford the Insurance, The Repairs/Maintenance and Gas?
Most donated cars Need alot of Repairs and Maintenance to make them Safe to Operate again. In the $1-$2,000 Range..

I don't know the Solution, but I don't think accepting anything But a Decent Car is the Answer.. and one that passes a Dealership or Repair Shops Inspection and Making sure, whomever your going to give the car too, has the Income to Pay for Annual Insurance & To maintain it..
Unless your plan to Sell it to raise enough $ to Buy a Decent safe car.. Especially One that will handle our Wi. Winters..