Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Why so Late in the Season?
September 21, 2011 | 08:20 PM

I wonder why this Show is so late in the Season?
I mean It would have been better during our Summer Season for the tourist, would it not?
and of course, when the most people are here to Experience and Appreciate this Great show..
My 1st Boat was a 18 ft Wood Boat , Called a Dunphy or Like a Thompson Lapstreak with a 75 Hp Johnson OB and I spent Many hours every few yrs keeping it maintained, but It was like Taking care of your Home.. When you had ot paint it and keep it fixed up every 4-5 yrs.. and you took Pride in your work as well. I still regret selling that Boat yrs ago.. for the Little I sold it for? I should have just Stored it..

Made many a trips Towing it Up to Geneva Lake and Spent the rest of the Time Riding the Fox River in Illinois..

Ahh the Good Ol' days! Thanks for the memories this Wknd.. Hope it doesn't rain..

Retired in
LG of course