Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

my take is this will
September 22, 2011 | 02:10 PM

Increase revenues. Especially when they raise rates, eliminate free off season parking, look at 24 hr. fees etc. My concern is parking has been a great source of revenue for 20 years, and how much money has been saved for this new system? 300,000 ? If they said publicly the future funds would be earmarked for repayment of the tif, set aside for future parking needs i would be in favor. The fact is most of all the revenues just like social security have been used to feed the tax and spend beast which is our city government and its pet special interest projects. Close the tifs, give us some tax relief, wait until the parking fund has enough to pay for this upgrade and upkeep on it's own. Wishful thinking in our town of fiscally irresponsible liberal council members.
This is just a backdoor way to keep spending, it really has little to do with parking. To think during the last election a few said they were fiscally conservative.

joe taxpayer