Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Too Much CAOS in Lake Geneva..... KEEP IT QUAINT...PRETTY & CHAR
September 26, 2011 | 11:30 AM

After being away from LG several decades & looking for a GOOD place to retire... I took a trip back your way....stayed a year...took a good look around. Some things changed & some remain the same. I was saddened to see the disrepair & lack of landscaping to soo many of the homes. The worn looking state of the roads. The Unfriendly & Unhelpful attitude of some shop keepers to visitors. The HIGH TAXES. The Rivieras lack luster concessions & lack of INTEGRITY of Community use. When I lived there prior... The BALL Room was splendidly decked out for Formal Dances...Amish Quilting Exhibits Displays & such. The BIG DEBATE was to WALMART & Burger King or not...obviously they & MANY others WON OUT & Many of the FINE UNIQUE ESTABLISHMENTS are snuffed out. PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT..OLD, STAID, TRUE...a CALMING STEP BACK AWAY FROM the CAOS where they work & live 7 days a week. Something CLEAN,CHARMING,PEACEFUL, FUN & CONVENIENT. Hunting down parking machines doesn't invoke that...they deal with that hooey @ home. PERHAPS taking that money investing in NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTIFICATION PROJECTS ( A Few Flowers ,fences,trees,paint etc) Shop Keeps willing to break a dollar for change or BETTER YET..VOLUNTEER GOODWILL AMBASSADORS who ARE HIGHLY VISABLE & STROLL THE STREETS OFFERING TO MAKE CHANGE for those in need....UP YOUR GAME GENEVA....UTILIZE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE... MAKE IT SPARKLE MAKE IT SHINE.... IF YOU CREATE IT ... THEY W-I-L-L COME & they may want to stay. ( You do have an awful lot of property for sale)

Keeping a Close & watchful Eye on your progress