Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

September 26, 2011 | 02:09 PM

ok and for those single parents out there with little children... how do they get to the payment boxes, and still work to get kids into strollers, forgot something in the car? I know for me I can't leave my kids in the car alone to go pay, then come back and get them organized, I get them organized, then pay and for now I don't need to tag my car with anything. if you have to pay like that I know if the cities, you have to put a slip in your car so they know it's paid. well that's not productive to parents who take the kids out alone, yeah if they are 10 or up and can wait in the car but with little ones it isn't a option.

I'd much rather figure out coin then have to park someplace that I don't have to use a automated system, we are a small town and that is part of the charm, we don't have all the automated crud the big cities do.

mom of little ones