Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Let's stick to the facts...
September 27, 2011 | 05:12 AM

1. There are approximately 4000 people in the area that is proposed for incorporation.
2. Notice of Election if always published in the Lake Geneva Regional News. If you don't run against an incumbent or for a position then it's not because the information was not available to you.
3. Informational meetings are being held very soon for everyone to to get information about the proposal.
4. Pell Lake is a lovely subdivision which has been experiencing a renewal in the last few years. It is bad enough that outsiders call it names and refer to it in derogatory terms. Why would we go on line calling ourselves ugly names?
There is a lot of misinformation and emotion going on here.
It's ok if you don't care for your elected officials. You can run for the job or vote against them at will.
Please don't let your feelings get in the way of this huge decision we are facing here. This whole thing is not about Ken Monroe or junk property. It's about the long range future of OUR community. What is or isn't good for OUR future.
We, Bloomfield not just Pell Lake, are vulnerable to annexation and county control. The neighboring communities do have a higher mil rate by far. Anyone who has ever had to get a building and zoning permit knows how complicated and expensive that can be with the county involved. But what happens if we just stay a town?
Are we ready for incorporation? Are we able to put aside our bickering and name calling and start looking at the road before us? Can we work together and find good solutions that will make the future Bloomfield a better place for our kids to live and raise a family?
Hope to see you at a meeting!

Your neighbor
Proud to be from