Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Just the tip of the iceberg...
October 05, 2011 | 12:27 PM

Moving forward with the state of the art parking meter system is fine and good but certainly does nothing to address the bigger issue surrounding parking challenges in Lake Geneva especially during the summer months. There is a definite need for more surface parking in the immediate area and even a parking garage if the economics ever make sense. The idea of varied rates for parking could indeed help relieve some of the congestion by making parking closest to the lake the costliest (double or triple the rate for outlying areas) and encouraging cars to park closer to village hall thus helping drive more business on the eastern end of the downtown area. The city should look into expanding those lots or at least putting in additional angled spots along the street. Lets just hope that this parking upgrade gets the dialogue going for even more much needed improvements in the coming months/years.

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