Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

It's really quite simple isnt it?
October 09, 2011 | 01:34 PM

Government makes nothing, they create no jobs. They have taken the working persons and employers social security money they earned, and spent it on lord knows what. Now the money is gone, and guess who is holding the bag?
Genoa CIty aside from Darien has the highest level of local taxation in the County, and now what? They have spent the money working people have paid in local property taxes, the roads and infastructure are mediocre at best, and people wonder why nobody wants to move there being homeowners or businesses?
They need to bid out or discontinue all non core services, and cut spending on the core services, or in ten years please the last person out, shut off the lights...
Every penny they spend is first taken from a productive person, be it an employer or employee.
And people think these same elected officals are going to now solve these problems?

wake up