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Ditto Lisa!
October 12, 2011 | 04:43 PM

Alot of what you said makes Good Sense.. and sometimes the Facts are hard to Accept..
And As Albert Einsteine said..If the facts don't support your Therory? Change the facts! lol

Free parking everywhere.

Not going to happen. That would mean the city loses more than $750,000 in parking revenue, which helps pay for work on the roads, additional police and public works that are necessary because of the tourists who visit our city and park everywhere.

Ans? We will can still have that $750k Needed to Maintain and Improve our roads, etc.., simply by do what other towns have to do that don't have PM's and that is just Increasing the Real Estate and City Sales Taxes! Ouch! Right? lol

Only other Solultion? Guess we just have to Find ways to Discourage Visitors-Tourist to come to Lake Geneva ! I bet some would Love that and others, including Businesses Wouldn't...

I know? How about a Shuttle Service using the Highschool Parking Lot? Get some more use out of that Bus Service =Trolley we see now and then? How aobut Free Parking on the Wknds at the Talmer Bank Parking Lot? That would be a Great Community Offer by them to do..or charge $5 per day!
and do the same shuttle service with Big Foot 's Parking Lots!
for $5 bucks - can park all day in there!

Or how about, since the Post Office Business is cutting things back and Going Broke? Why not Move that operation out of town and Use All their Parking and Tear the Building down too?

They can Buy my old place for $200k and Be a Tear down and pave it and Maybe park 10 cars on the Lot if they want? Get $5 per car per day, only take 4,000 days to break even..and at 50 days yr you use it? Only take about 80 Yrs!

And Since Halloween is comming? Maybe best to Hold off disgussng this until AFTER that is over with, we might get More Tricksters doing Pranks than Treaters at our Homes!

And See what it's Like Being a Politican? Even Andy Rooney got more Respect!

BTW? Are those New Parking Kiosk going to be in Different Languages?
And Will I have to Press 1 for English? ( TIC)


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