Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

October 13, 2011 | 10:32 AM

It seems to me that the biggest hurdle for future business is the DOT. This isn't the first time that the DOT has halted the plans of future businesses along the Route 12 corridor, from Genoa City to Lake Geneva and beyond. There have been many attempts to bring businesses and merchants here, with the same outcome from the DOT....not enough traffic to warrant a traffic light. Without traffic lights the businesses are not allowed to build. The traffic counts that the DOT conduct are not an accurate reading of traffic for this area. The process does not accurately take into account the tourist traffic, that in turn results in denial from the DOT. It's time for our elected officials to start beating these government agency's at their own games! Residents in Walworth County have always sided with the GOP, and we are losing businesses and increasing taxes hmmmm, I wonder what that means? Our neighboring counties of Rock and Kenosha are mainly Democratic , they are growing and prospering and have a lower tax rate then we have. WAKE UP, lets make some changes for the better to our community. We let it slip by last election when Democrat Doug Harrod challenged Republican incumbent Thomas Lothian for his seat in the 32nd Assembly District, and was not elected. Let's not let it happen again!

Eyes Wide Open