Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

October 14, 2011 | 03:56 PM

I agree that incentives need to be offered to attract businesses to Genoa City. It is off the beaten path which is probably why a fast food restaurant has not been located there. Unless it would be put near the BP station, no one would no it was there. On the other hand, in Richmond, Taco Bell, McDonalds and Subway all have prime locations right on Hwy 12. A business like that needs the traffic to make sense to put one there. I think the Mayor of Genoa City should contact the Walker Administration to see if something can be worked out with the DOT or contact Walgreens and make a persuasive argument. Stop blaming Walker for business not coming to Genoa City. He has done more to help the business climate in this state in the last year than Doyle did for his entire term. Taxing businesses to the breaking point will only make them move. Why do you think so many businesses are choosing to leave Illinois now? They raised taxes not only on businesses this year but also on individuals. Has it helped them. NO! Genoa City needs to clean itself up and look more inviting as it looks like a town hurting. Appearance is everything in today's world. It may sound shallow but unfortunately it is the truth.

Pell Lake Resident