Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Parking garage.
October 17, 2011 | 08:37 AM

Eight years to pay off the original building of the garage.Lets say it takes 15 years then the building is paid for.The rest is cash in the pocket for many years into the future.
According to the International Parking Institute ? Did you copy this right off the internet ??? and who are they.I'm just saying how did Burlington Wi and Galena ill do it.They surly dont have as many cars in the summer as we do.We also have a traffic problem in this city.You could get rid of some of the street parking and open up another lane in the downtown.I dont care if it takes 20 years to pay it off.The parking will pay for itself and then we will have a place to put people.The D.O.T. has spent how much money looking into how to help with the traffic problems in this city.Put that money into the parking garage.We spent how much money for the new road behind target but we dont want someplace to park in the downtown.How about all the upkeep of that road ???Who will pay for that???The parking garage will pay for itself even if it takes 20years.
I think its worth it.If not thats fine.I will keep going to Delavan for all my shopping.

Hate L.G. in the summer
Lake geneva ,West