Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

RE: Hate LG in the summer
October 17, 2011 | 09:15 AM

You commented about building a parking garage for more parking in Lake Geneva. A good idea but where? Then you commented about eliminating parking "You could get rid of some of the street parking and open up another lane in the downtown." By doing that where would the city be gaining on parking? I agree on main street it can get pretty hairy in the summer. But it has always been that way for as far back as I can remember and I am in my mid 50's. The way the city is situated there will always be traffic problems downtown, As for the Edwards Boulevard extension I think it is the best thing the city ever did. You no longer have to fight traffic in the downtown district to get to Wal-mart or the other stores there. So many people in this area constantly gripe about having to pay for all the improvements and increase in services. Yet these same people are the same ones who gripe because of the lack of improvements and services. When are the people in this area going to realize there is nothing for nothing and to think the tourists are always going to pay regardless is a dream. Sooner or later by forcing more costs on tourist will force them elsewhere. I know many would cheer for that. But, who will have to pay for everything then? The same people griping now?
Plus how many more businesses will close then, homes will be lost and jobs? Just look at the trouble Genoa City and Pell Lake is having just because the main traffic flow doesn't come thru their towns. Do you want that in Lake Geneva? If so keep pressing on with it and prepare to dig deeper.
Also this new parking system will bring more money no matter what people say. Let's look at it this way. As it is now a person pulls into a stall and deposits $1.00 for 2 hours parking. They use 1 hour and leave. Leaving 1 hour left on the meter. Another car pulls in sees there is an hour left and goes shopping. They come back in less than an hour and leave. Now you just had 2 cars use the same stall for 2 hours of parking making the city $1.00. Under the new system when one car pulls in they pay the same $1.00 for 2 hours. If they they use just 1 hour and leave. The next car that pulls in that stall would then have to pay for whatever time they feel they need. They will no longer be able to piggy back on someone else's time. That is where the city will make more money.