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Reek still reeks
October 18, 2011 | 09:00 AM

Here we go again stuffing this down the taxpayers throat when it was voted down to begin with. What?? The first vote didn't count so we're going to do it again until we get $3.9M.

I don't disagree that the school needs repair, but $3.9 is B.S.!

Last June the graduating class from Reek was 12 students. 12!! They don't have more than 120 students in the whole building. Not one dime is going toward education. It's lining the pockets of those with a vested interest in bringing this money to this project in the name of education. There are finder fees for this money, there are legal fees, outlandish archticural fees that are a joke with this money. There are some people who stand to benefit from this money only for pushing it through.

Where iis the growth coming from to spend this kind of money in this building? Hello, it's called a recession. How many of the children in the school have parents that rent and don't pay taxes?
How about all the people that have secondary homes here that can't vote in this issue but are going to get it jammed down their throat for twenty years. That is called taxation without representation.

Oh, and by the way, this was done at Traver Scool several years ago. Exact same B.S. It was voted down and they did a back door referendum to get what they wanted. How about a referendum to combine the districts and tear Reek down all together. Traver isn't a mile and a half away. As far as the MIL rate goes, hey, we would at least save money on paying duplicate administrators.

I do agree that this structure needs repair and I find $1.9M more than reasonable. That extra $2M they are proposing based on down the road growth is a joke and a rip off.

Vote NO!!

This thing still Reeks