Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

How Fitting
October 18, 2011 | 09:48 AM

it is to see all these bank robberies around the country. It was the banking industry that robbed the consumer to cause this Depression. The banking industry taking peoples homes and cars without regard. Yet the banking industry gets upset when they're robbed. Oh! I am not saying it is right to rob the banks because it isn't. But a little taste of their own medicine has a bad taste for them. Now the banks are hitting everyone with Debit Card fees that are out of line. If I remember it was the banks that started the Debit Cards instead of Credit Cards. Now they want the consumer to pay to get their own money. How unfair is that? The bank uses our money to their benefit and they have the nerve to want us to pay them to give us our own money. They charge outragous interest on loans but only pay peanuts on interest for us to have our money there. Then with all the fees they charge to get your money or to maintain accounts it erases all the interest you earn and puts you in the red. Then people wonder why this country is in this mess.

Keep your money in a mattress