Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

To Had to Say Something and Concerned Citizen
October 18, 2011 | 02:37 PM

People these days take thing to literally. When I said "How fitting it is to see all these bank robberies around the country." I did not mean it was alright for those who work in the banks to be put in that position of danger. I am not an idiot. I was looking at the the fact that banks show no concern of worry about the people involved when they are on the taking end.
To Had to Say Something. You said "First of all the banks aren't in the business of holding realestate or cars." Then why do they hold the title and deed's? You then said "All they want to do is lend money to consumers and be paid back. So, if these people would pay their bills....they would be able to keep their homes, cars etc." If that is so in this economy why not work something out with the homeowner to stay in their for a reasonable payment til the homeowner gets back on their feet instead ripping the house away and having all these house setting empty? This Loan modification idea from what I have heard has done more trouble than it solved. The same with car owners. The taxpayers are holding the tab on the stimulus money the bankers got. Why can't we call in the note and take from them? As far as paying their bills I'll bet if you were to talk to the majority of those who lost their homes and cars or who may lose them. They would tell you they didn't quit their jobs, but their jobs quit them and just getting a job doesn't answer the problem if you can't earn enough to pay the current bills and make payments on the back payments. That is what many don't understand just having a job isn't enough. You need to make a living to pay your bills. For many who this economy hasn't affected it is hard to understand those who are in bread lines, living on the street and not knowing what is ahead when at one time they were in good condition.
To Concerned Citizen you said "To find some way to blame the banks for this bank robbery is stupid!" Why is it stupid to blame the banking industry? If they weren't so greedy this whole problem would probably have been avoided. Then you said " Sure they charge fees and I dont like it either but it is a free country." That is the attitude of so many in this country. So What!! Where does it stop if no one will stand up against it? The consumer is being robbed, fleeced and abused by this runaway charges. Also many places these days prefer Debit Cards or Credit Cards, cash seems to be taboo to some businesses. I prefer to deal in cash.
Again I do not support anyone robbing banks or robbing people and that was not the intention of my initial comment. I am happy no one was hurt.

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