Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

I don't Understand about Smoke Detectors?
October 19, 2011 | 05:07 PM

I never could Understand why they don't have Plug In -Electric Smoke Detectors as 1 part of the Equation and have a Battery back up?
I would assume and from person Experience, It's the Smoke that sets it off and Ours go off all the time in our Kitchen! lol We have Battery one's in every Room..not just in 1 room..
And now with the 10 yr Long Life Battery? Buy it once , replace it every 10 yrs and your done!
As for Apts? Why the Landlords don't install A/C Elec. powered one's so the Tennants Won't eigther Foreget to replace them or Steal Them? and make it Mandatory- Law?
and why not Mandatory A/C powered with NiCad Recharged Batteries for Back up in any New Homes ?

And if someone is That Poor and can't afford a Smoke Alarm or a Battery? Why just call your Fire Dept for help and advice?