Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Pretty Sad..Thanks Sal
October 20, 2011 | 05:35 PM

Boy, that's a pretty Sad story and Probably a Typical Situtaion for many Seniors in the Area..
and it's pretty Sad we don't have a Senior Center system to Help ck on these Peple, let alone Help these People to come up with Solutions like these.. It only takes a 3rd person to Make a World of Difference in many cases..

I've met some Seniors In my Neighborhood and Town That Are Basically? On their own and Get very little Help or Advice from Others, nor whom to turn too.

Comming from a Major Town In Illinois? Their Senior Center would have not had this Situation Gotten so bad for this woman..
Unless I can find such Support when I get this Old or in trouble? I'l be moving as well.
Maybe that's what Lake Geneva and Surrounding Towns Want the Seniors To do?
Seniors In the Area better Unite alot Better, or their future can very well be as bad as or worse than this womans..

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