Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Where is the fiscal sense?
October 24, 2011 | 07:47 AM

Every time I read of the financial woes of the local governments and school entities around greater Lake Geneva i have to wonder how it can happen when so much of their tax revenue comes from out of state homeowners like myself who barely utilize local resources? The schools should be flush with cash considering how many lake area homes pay into it dearly yet never once have a child set foot into the schools, the park district programs should be best of breed since so few of the cottage crowd utilize the programs, the village/city coffers should be overflowing seeing that so many of the cottage area roads are private and use of city services is limited and those services that are used are paid for based on usage like water/sewer and building permits. It seems that civic mismanagement and fiscal irresponsibility have abounded in the area for years while the money was flowing in and out freely on the wave of economic prosperity and now that there is a major hiccup and slow down it is hitting the local government bodies harder than ever anticipated. Raising parking rates is certainly not the way to drive increased economic activity in Lake Geneva as every additional dollar into the meters is one less dollar in to the hands of the local merchants who certainly cannot afford any further slowdown in business less we see even more for rent signs through the business district. Think this one through as the impact will be far greater than you ever realize.

Bay Weekender
Williams Bay