Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Budget deficit or waste/abuse of tax dollars?
October 24, 2011 | 09:33 AM

I totally agree with Bay Weekender. I am part of the "cottage crowd" referenced in BW's feedback. I would really like to know how on earth there could be a budget deficit. I pay more for taxes on my Wisconsin cottage than I pay on my full time residence in the Chicago suburbs, yet I get a lot more srevices for my tax dollars in the suburbs. I have no one in the school system here and never did. Apparently the lake Geneva city council can waste money and take advantage of taxpayers as well as the city slickers. With the economy the way it is, I would be very cautious in considering an increase in parking rates. It could be the final incentive to discourage people from visiting the area. This summer I noticed an increase in negative comments from friends who visit us in LG on the weekends. There were many comments regarding the high prices the downtown LG restrauants are charging. Nearly all of them indicated they wouldn't mind the prices if the quality was there, but the quality and meal portion served is decreasing. Everything just keeps going up in price around here, except, of course property values. Properety values are decreasing, yet taxes remain at the higher rates and then you want to charge more fees and other costs? When will you wake up and realize that you are pricing yourselves out of the market? The Lake Geneva city council should spend more time and effort trying to figure out how to bring new attractions to the area and how to draw more tourists than they do coming up with ways to get more fees out of the loyal tourists that have been ruturing for years. Keep it up and there will be plenty of us who will not be able to retire here as we previously hoped to do.

Cottage Crowd Representative
Lake Geneva