Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Blame the Refs? Well maybe..
October 27, 2011 | 05:04 PM

Maybe it was just being Over Zealus and Anixious by the Players?
Being Too Aggressive maybe? Maybe their Coach didn't stress the Importance of how important it is in these Final Games to Not Make Penalties?
And Lets' face it? They're Just HS Kids! It's Human nature to be Alittle More Excited , isn't it?
And it's all part of the Learning Game for Next Yr!

Join the Chicago Cubs Fans! LOL

They did very well and had a Good Time and stayed out of trouble off the field..
and Hopefully noone got seriously Hurt, did they?
It's been a Good Season then..
Now time to get back and Hit the Books!

Retired in
Geneva Lakes area