Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

It's this easy!
October 27, 2011 | 07:13 PM

The first step to officiating any sport involving WIAA high schools is to become a WIAA certified official in that sport by going to the WIAA website at

Next, go to the "WIAA Info." toolbar on the top of the page. Click on "Officials Licensing". After clicking on this section, open up the License Officials Application Form. Print and fill out the application fully.

You must also enclose a check with your application for your licensing fee. There is a basic $20 licensing fee and a $10 fee for each sport you are interested in officiating. For example, if I want to become WIAA certified in both basketball & football, I would need to send a check for $40. These fees will need to be paid by the deadline each year to maintain your certification.

That's all it takes but make sure you read up on the rules and expectations. You may prefer to be a line judge but end up as a back judge. Will you know what you should watch? There are a limited number of officials in the area to choose from. I am sure there is not a slew of people not working games on Friday nights already. Get into the mix and become an official. Change the atmosphere, make a difference. What you see from on the field looks a lot different than it does in the stands.

I am not an official, nor do I have the time to be anymore. Perhaps it's your turn.

Just an average Joe
Lake Geneva