Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Not just officiating but bad play decisions cost the game
November 14, 2011 | 03:52 PM

I will agree there have been some questionable officiating throughout the season but then again this is high school football. As to whether or not this game was won or lost on officiating; I will disagree. This game could have been won way early by going for the 3 points field goal instead of going for it on fourth down.The wind was in their favor and they went for it. To me, Badgers lost on a poor coaching decision at that point. I am surprised no one else has chimed in on that here and the journalist failed to note that instead focusing the loss strictly on the officiating. An earlier comment questioned the lack of passing and I would agree with that as well. To put all your money in one stock is likely to lose at some point. For the author who wanted to simply report the inconsistencies on officiating;put too much emphasis of the loss squarely on the officials. I would choose to put it on the coaches for a bad decision early in the game. I thouroughly enjoyed the game, the hard work ethic of the players on both sides.I would be remiss is saying Iam happy Waterford won.