Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

December 02, 2011 | 06:19 AM

It is amazing to me that this (and virtually all, I am not singling out the RN) article states the amount each tax payer will pay in taxes for Town services, but when it comes to the school tax it doesn't list the amount. People think because they pay 3-4 k in taxes, their streets should be clean and bare by 5am when it snows, tree's should be trimmed an hour after a wind storm and all the roads should be like new. Why not do a story on exactly where each dollar from a tax bill goes? I am thinking alot of people would look differently at their local school. I also think taxes should be paid at the school instead of a Town/Village/City Hall. Let them hear all the cussing and etc...and they can explain to the people where all the money is going. And relax, I have 3 kids in public school.