Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Isn't it a Shame this Is needed around here?
December 11, 2011 | 11:28 AM

"They fed 300 families and Over 750 in WC.."?
I find this Very Dishearting.. That these many Families are in such Dire Straights to have to sucumb to this..

R these Really LG and WalWorth Americans? In this Country of Bounty and Opportunity?
Of all the Wealthy and Middle Class , their still are so many That Poor and live in such Poverty around here?

I can understand if this was in the Big Cities of alot of the Minority-Black Poor , but Here in White-Middle America?

As for People not realiing how many Less Fortunate their are in the 'COUNTY'? I think they do, they just don't Want to know about How many of The Minorities and even Some of our Military have to live.. Out of sight is out of mind.

You can tell just by sitting out in my car , in the Parking Lots of Stores that have the Bell ringers-Salvation Army and how many just bow their heads or look the other way to avoid feeling guilty not putting even a 25 Cent /Quarter in the Can..

Giving these People a Meal is one thing, but Giving them a hand UP would be alot better, don't you think? Since aren't they going to be just as Hungry the Next Day?

This is just anothr 'feel good and maybe Get rid of the Guilt' thing the rest of us do..

I was Looking all summer for someone to just come to my home and Mow my lawn, use my lawnmower, someone to do other Common House Repairs and cleaning to having 3 other Seniors in our neighborhood Needing the same thing, willing to pay them $10-$20 hr..
But No one was to be found..

What does that Tell you?

Retired in
Geneva Lakes