Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

How ignorant!
December 19, 2011 | 04:50 PM

I guess Walworth County doesn't understand that poor nutrition *is* a health hazard and that chicken "excrement" is no more of a danger (and much less in volume) than what a dog, cat, or human, all still allowed by the county in residential areas, produces. Eggs from foraging hens, who are able to eat bugs and plants along with dry grain feed, are cheaper and higher in nutrition that what one buys at the supermarket, and free-range, or yard-range, chicken meat is also healthier. Too bad that Walworth County cares more for looking like an average bit of suburbia than it does about the health and welfare of its residents. Only the rich here, who can afford a large, agriculturally zoned piece of land, are allowed the health benefits of home-grown eggs.

Nutritionally Aware