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Bulldogs II
January 06, 2012 | 05:41 PM

I'm not sure who Mike is but I question how much he actually knows about the topic. The two conferences are a lot different and trailways is a lot harder. the johnson creek team of today is a lot harder than the team of the 90's. Back in the day the kids were just much tougher with a lot harder set goals in an easier conference. you don't see anyone from indian trails on top of the state like you do trailways. look at who we played then..the jail team? that was garbage when they traveled because all the good players had to stay at the jail. and Alden Hebron that had an absolutely terrible program at the time(state powerhouse now i believe).

Blakeley also had a season that i know of that was unccessful..1980 i believe..he went winless until the vary last game of the year. He ran a good program, but even the best of ships can sink at times.

For anyone to say that the kids need separation from every coach that was involved blows my mind. I agree changes need to be made but you want to bring in someone that knows none of the kids or their potential and give them acouple weeks of practice to learn about them before the first game? That sounds to me like it could be bound for failure from the start.

Diehl..has success..higgins knows what it takes to succeed..on top of all , these coaches have personal relationships with the players and know their potential....

^give the program to these two coaches...and lets get after it

I agree with you Mike, we need to get back to the basics...i dont think that we need to go back to the pro-I that used to be our bread and butter though...maybe the ver?

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