Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

There is part of the problem
January 06, 2012 | 08:37 PM

No disrespect but it looks like that last post illustrates part of the problem. The kids in the 90's were just tougher??? Set better goals??? That's is pretty much saying the current players can't win, if that is what the #2 bulldog fan thinks then what does the rest of the people involved think???

Also, anyone who understands HS football these days knows that any coach hired needs to begin working right away, weight room, open gyms, generate excitement watch previous film and start to develop relationships with the returning players. No longer does the football coach show up in August and then not do football activities after the season until the next season.

If they hire a quality coach from outside the program he should have a great idea on the potential of each player based on his offseason interactions.

Not to say Diehl or Higgins couldn't do the job but of you have some quality outsiders they should be considered. I know of the Elkhorn Mogensen family, they are pretty well know athletes there, I believe one is a senior now. I think Dave was an all conference QB on a couple of those really good late 90s team don't know what he has been up to since HS but if the post from Stan is factual a guy with that experience would be a nice hire or at least a nice guy to consider.

I can't see Bill B going back as the coach but stranger things have happened.