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Lake Geneva Generals????
January 07, 2012 | 11:38 AM

You can't compare the world of semi-pro with HS you need way more preparation at the HS level. There is more scouting and unbelievably better coaching overall. I have done some dabbling in that world and have been a HS coach for a.long time a guy who has success in that world won't necessarily be able to translate that into HS it is much harder.

Don't want to toot my buddies horn to much but Williams Bay would be crazy not to hire him. He arena team to playoff appearances and league title games, coached a national minor league team to national playoffs. Been an offensive coordinator since 2004 at the HS level. He coached camps at Wisconsin, Minnesota, UWW and he directs youth camps for the Packers in the summer (full.disclosure he employees me as an assistant in the summer with Packers camps)

I don't know this Derek diehl other than what I can find on the internet and he might be a good coach and is probably a great man but I have found a couple BIOS on him most recent from a Burlington team and I.can't.even find if he coached HS previous to last season.

You need a guy with real experience working and developing HS players.

I talked to my buddy earlier this evening, informed him about this article (hi Moges) he told me he was at the Williams Bay basketball game yesterday and someone told him they had around 12 applicants.

Milw WI