Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

UPDATE: Diehl one of 11 candidates
January 07, 2012 | 10:56 PM

Derek Diehl had some interesting comments regarding his desire to coach the Bay.
"John Higgins is a great guy and a passionate football coach," Diehl said on the team's Facebook page today. "I will continue to support the Bulldogs no matter what. Those kids try so hard and my heart hurts for them. I want them to feel the joy of accomplishment and success."
"I have a plan to help them get there. The team is only bringing back 17 players from this year's squad. We need a good freshman class and we need to inspire some other kids to try out. Competition breeds success."
He finished by wishing the other candidates "good luck," and he said they all have a common goal to help the student-athletes become successful "in the classroom, on the field and in their personal life."
It's definitely a coveted position. I guess people naturally want to be the one to help turn things around.
If Diehl and Mogensen are in, who else is in the mix? Maybe Higgins?

Mike the sports editor