Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

January 11, 2012 | 08:28 PM

The community is interested in local athletes of all sports, & especially the ones that are successfull. There was very little interest in the football program 10 years ago because they didn't win, while now there is a lot of talk. Right now I would guess that more people would like to read about the wrestling team than the basketball team by virtue of the success each is having. I say this as a LG native & former B-ball player. If the B-ball team turns it around people will want to read about it.

I believe that Mike does a good job covering all of the local teams & it seems to me that every team other than football feels slighted. He can't write 15 stories a week which is what it would take to cover all of the local teams in the various sports. My one suggestion to Mike would be to stop writing about Professional or college teams. No one reads the Regional News to gain information on these teams. There are enough daily papers as well as websites that cover these teams in detail. Local reader purchase the Regional news to read about our local teams.

I am dissapointed to hear that a concious decision was made by the editor to reduce the coverage of the kids that compete in our area. Not sure what survey this decision was based on.