Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

January 18, 2012 | 06:33 PM

Andrea Pether(1st WCA Road series. Winner of numerous cross and road race),Jeanne Muskat(Triathlete, training for an Ironman triathlon), Monica Goebel(Mother of 2, recreational rider), Krista Roslof(Road racer, mother). These are just a few of the women who are part of Treadhead Cycling. Treadhead cycling is very proud of their mission of: (T)raining (R)iding (E) ducation (A)dvocacy (D)iversity. This will also be the first year of the Treadhead Cycling youth/U23 cycling team. It is not a men only club. I started riding two years ago as a brand new cyclist, knowing next to nothing of the sport. They took me in as one of their own. On my first ride Dan Getzen(President of the club) rode the whole ride right next to me making sure I felt welcome. I now train and race year round as an active and proud Treadhead. Group rides are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm from late spring to early fall. EVERYONE is welcome! It does not matter the type of bike or person. We could not be more proud of Andy and his talent. He is an amazing cyclist and person! I could not be more proud to call him my training partner. Congratulations Andy!

Ezra Ward-Packard
Lake Geneva