Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

January 29, 2012 | 02:25 AM

I knew "Alan" growing up in Lake Geneva, only he doesn't like being called Alan; goes by J.R.; which is why it is funny that he is listed as Alan. He was nothing but a bully and a crook. If he was not ripping people off trying to be a drug dealer he would try to rob local drug dealers. POS used to pick on me all the time until I finally stood up to him, wouldn't fight because like most bullies he is a coward. That being said, he is also very stupid and may try to prove how tough he really is by brandishing or using a firearm or other weapon. Best bet if you run into this guy after his jail term is to have nothing to do with him at all. Beware, also has a brother named Jessie; basically the same type of activity and atitude. Do not associate with these people unless you want to be beat up, stolen from, ripped off, or end up in jail like our friend Alan.

Dan K
Lake Geneva