Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

February 04, 2012 | 10:19 PM

I believe in displine and consequences for are actions. I believe that zero tolerance works for adults because they should know better because they went though the learning process of life as a child. But if you take away the process of making mistakes and not really learning anything substantial besides that I can never do that again I.e. play basketball I believe the lessons learn will not be as powerful in the long run. Because we do make mistakes all the time and eventually learn from them some of us faster than others. So I Believe that kids will make numerous mistakes that's part of growing up and it's are jobs as parents, teachers, coaches, ect. To help those kids learn that yes you did make a MISTAKE but we are going to help you though it so you don't do it again and maybe you can help someone else in the future. But Joe if you take all that away with a zero tolerance policy how can they really help anybody in the future. Remember these are kids were talking about. God bless you joe.

Steven Reeves